Most Unix system administrators share the if it doesn't already exist, I'll write it myself philosophy, and thus have many tools for solving everyday problems. So, if this is your case, why not sharing with others your hard work?

As usual, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Python projects
Some small Python libraries and utilities I'm using in my day-to-day development.
A pure-Python module for managing OpenBSD's Packet Filter. py-pf adds powerful and flexible scripting capabilities to PF, making integration with third-party software (like IDS, web-based configuration interfaces or custom management scripts) much easier.
A Python module providing a very simple and minimalist embedded NoSQL database. It uses the shelve module as backend for persistent storage and relies on file-locking as a simple mutual exclusion mechanism.
A Python module providing a very simple template engine with minimum syntax. It supports variable expansion, flow control and embedding of Python code.
An (old and unmaintained) file integrity checker, detecting signs of intrusions on a host by tracking changes to the filesystem. It is fully developed in python and it is designed to be easy to use, fast and powerful. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite databases and dbm files.
Shell projects
Shell-based utilities to make system administrators' life easier.
An OpenBSD installation script for embedded systems. Highly customizable, it will install a stripped-down version of OpenBSD onto a Compact Flash card, attached through a USB or IDE adapter.
Fun projects
Some rather useless but fun stuff.
A SuDoku solver. I know, it's a bit frivolous, but programmers love solving problems, and they do it once and for all. Looking at the empty SuDoku board, they number the languages in which to implement a routine to do the work for them and leave them free to tackle ever new problems (it's true: programmers have strange ways to have fun):
Assembler (MIPS)  Assembler (x86)  Bash  C  Forth  Java  Javascript  Lisp  Python  Tcl/Tk  ...and more to come!

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