Everyone needs some diversion every once in a while... especially at work. And what's more discreet than some good old JavaScript games?

Mind the Peg

Object of the game:
Guess the sequence of four different coloured pegs (out of six) randomly selected by the computer.
How to play:
Click on the colours to select sequences of four pegs. For each guess, the computer returns:
  • a white peg for each correct colour in the correct position
  • a red peg for each correct colour in an incorrect position.
The game is over when you guess the correct sequence (you win) or after ten incorrect guesses (you lose).

Slot Machine

Object of the game:
Win as much money as possible.
How to play:
Place your bet and click on the handle. You win:
  • 10 times your bet for three-of-kind,
  • 5 times your bet for two-of-kind,
  • 10 extra dollars for each Puffy.

Cow Pasture

Object of the game:
Find out the "bad surprises" hidden in the cow pasture.
How to play:
Click on a cell to find out how many "bad surprises" are around it. When you think you've found a cell on which you'd better ...not walk, mark it off by right-clicking on it. Once you have marked off the ten "dangerous" cells and cleared the rest of the grid, you win!


Object of the game:
Piece together Mona Lisa.
How to play:
Click on "Shuffle" to mix up the pieces; then piece back together Mona Lisa by clicking on the pieces surrounding the empty (black) spot to slide them into the empty spot.

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